Going Bald?!

After years of trial and error, I finally have discovered a system of not only stopping, but reversing hairloss, without surgery, using products readily available on store shelves and online as you read this right now.

A quick background on me

I am 27 years old, and spent most of my life growing up being told I was attractive and should move to Hollywood. So I did. Ready to claim the stardom I thought was owed to me, I was suddenly stopped dead in my tracks by the inconceivable – male. pattern. baldness. – and at the ripe old age of 20!

This was happening to me – the same guy who just a year earlier literally watched people debate right before him over whether his hair was the best hair they’d seen on a guy. I thought, “That’s it! My Hollywood career is over before it even started.” I had to face the facts – I would be completely unattractive bald. Thank god something in my mind prompted me to look at the available hairloss remedies on the market before completely succumbing to premature aging.

After trying virtually every product, and every possible combination of products on the market, I finally settled on a hairloss-reversal regimen that seemed promising. Well folks, as of this year I think it’s safe to say it finally paid off – officially. I was cast as the lead in a national commercial – a commercial for what you might ask? Shampoo!! When I auditioned for the part, the description was “guy with great hair,” and it was for a major shampoo brand. I was literally seconds from walking out of the casting office due to the sheer absurdity of the part I was supposedly a fit for. Still living in the dread of my past, I didn’t realize just how effective my method for hairloss reversal had been. Again, thank god I didn’t call it quits there. They called me back 2 more times the following week, and then gave me the part. It was then that I realized I had to share how I salvaged my future Hollywood career from disaster.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of my newly revived career, I can’t reveal my name or recognizable photos, as Hollywood would probably never forgive me. Will that wreck my credibility with you? I don’t really care. Below you will find a detailed description of exactly what I did, and continue to do, day after day, to maintain a healthy head of hair – and you are free to take the advice or leave it.

My Official Hairloss Regimen

Shopping List

Minoxidil: the ONLY topical treatment approved by the FDA, and the #1 Dermatologist recommended over-the-counter hair regrowth treatment ingredient. This product just works.

Natrol Biotin: Biotin is another important vitamin (Vitamin B7 specifically) that directly aids in both increased hair and nail health. Natrol is my brand of choice for this vitamin.

Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo: The #1 hairloss shampoo on the market right now. Contains the precious ingredient ketoconazole, a must-have scientifically proven ingredient to combat hair loss. Also supplemented with biotin and EMU oil.

Neocell Super Collagen: Collagen is a vital nutrient that the vast majority of people are lacking, which is unfortunate since it contributes to thicker, fuller hair, and a healthier scalp in addition to many other health benefits. Neocell brand collagen has a great reputation and delivers some of the highest quality ingredients.

Daily Instructions

  • In the morning (I do it as part of my brushing/flossing routine) – apply 2-3 sprays of your Minoxidil to all thinning or balding areas, and massage into your scalp. Pro tip: after full application, I follow up with a soft bristled hairbrush to style my hair and help stimulate the scalp.
  • At least 30 minutes before your first meal – consume 3 Neocell Super Collagen pills on an empty stomach.
  • With your first meal – consume 1 Natrol Biotin pill.
  • Before bed – Reapply your Minoxidil in the same manner as above. Pro tip: allow your hair to dry before hitting the pillow, as a pillow wet from Lipogaine could unwittingly increase facial hair growth if your face comes into prolonged contact.


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